DYNAMO CITY - The Dawn of a New Era

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This page is dedicated solely to home campaigns done in GURPS Supers. As you can tell from above this campaign takes place in Dynamo City. The year is 2200 A.D and peace now reigns through the world thanks to the intervention of the first AI named SimComm. Dynamo City is a city built under the instruction of SimComm 5 years ago to promote technological development and to show the world her view of what society should be like.

Since war is not an issue, most nations have turned their focus onto preventing crime. Unfortunately this is no easy task since the rapid growth of metahumans (also known as Supers) since the end of World War III. While everyone tries to deal with the threat of super-powered humans, we will turn our attention to a city-nation floating in the sky above the people of Japan...

Campaign Information: Information that describes the world at large, but mostly focusing on Dynamo City.
Campaign Sessions: Logs retelling live campaign sessions on IRC.
Stories: Short stories written about the campaign world.
Dynamo City: Information concerning Dynamo City not covered elsewhere, including maps (under construction).
The Characters: The many characters and groups in the campaign world, including stats for the Player Characters.
Gm Section: Sorry for the GM only

On a side note this is the 4th campaign that is taking place in this world. (For the record the first campaign took place in 2167.) Our hope is to eventually post information about other campaigns and hopefully create some short stories that reveal the atmosphere of the world.

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