AD&D(Advanced Dungeon & Dragons) by TSR is probably one of the most widely known RPG's. For those of you new to RPG's or for anyone who hasn't ever read a TSR novel or played the game, here's a brief summary:

AD&D is a fantasy role playing game which can take place in many different worlds. Usually these worlds are filled to the brim with magic and mythical monsters ranging from mighty dragons to cowardlly orcs.

A player is in control of a character who is usually part of what is known as an adventuring party. A player is usually one of the basic races and classes(human,elf,half-elf,dwarf,gnome,halfling)(fighter, thief,cleric,mage). There are many variations of these classes and races, and things change from world to world and DM(Dungeon Master) to DM.

The following campaign worlds are widely published:

Forgotten Realms
Dark Sun

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