Randy's Beyond the Supernatural

Beyond the Supernatural

Beyond the Supernatural is a Palladium game that takes place in the present day world. Magic is almost non-existant. Ley lines are totally invisible, and can only be sensed by those who are incredibly psychic sensitive. Magic has been almost totallly forgotten by the world along with all the horrors that prey on magic. Science reigns supreme and all that science can not explain is put off as myths or hoaxes or just superstition. The monsters out there know this, so they bide their time, gathering their numbers in isolation where human eyes can't pry. Only a handful of people know the danger that is out there, and even less believe it actually exists. Has humanity grown to decadent to realize the danger out there to them? Only time will tell.

In this game you take on the role of a psychic character class. According to the theories of the game, everyone is born with what is called psychic potential energy(PPE). People use up this energy in concentration with skills. That's why some people can attain attain mastery at certain skills. Others convert this energy into what is known as inner strength. Those who do this are known to everyday people as psychics, for they use this strength to do a variety of abilities. Lastly there are a few people who do not tap their PPE. These are the people who have studied the arcane lore for years and become mages. Their spells use up PPE as they cast. A few of the classes are as follows: Nega-Psychic, Natural, Parapsychologist, Latent Psychic, and Psi-Mechanic.

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