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Put up with me, this is a newly created page and still under mass
construction, and I don't have much time to work on it, so don't
expect improvements anytime soon.

Currently I'm a graduated Computer Science major roaming
the campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Send comments to raj@hops.cs.jhu.edu.

Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 My Anime page is up and running. Right now
there's not much to it and hopefully I'll have
time soon to work more on it. Eventually I
plan to make a complete Record of Lodoss War page
if time allows me. Click on Shampoo to go to it.

of a sword

new Check it out, my new page dedicated to my DM's(Robert Shibata) current world. It's still under construction.. but some of it is up so why take a brief glimpse while you're here. Oh and just because Rob got bored, he's decided to Run a new GURPS Supers game. Check out the characters playing and information concerning the setting.

new A new game is coming out called Quest for Power. Check out the press release for details. Currently it's due to be released February 1997.
Their e-mail is infinite@j51.com

mail raj@hops.cs.jhu.edu