Randy's Interests

Randy's Interests

Well probably one of my largest interests is RPG's. I played a variety ranging from classic AD&D to Shadowrun to a variety of others.

Anime is something new I just picked up in April. Sure everything's in Japanese(and dubbed Anime sucks so don't get it) but usually the animation is great. I have to say my current personal favorite is Record of the Lodoss Wars.

I'm an avid fantasy reader. I enjoy Margaret Weis, Robert Jordan, and Terry Brooks just for starters.

I'm also a bored(board) member of HOPSFA(Hopkins Science Fiction Association). Right now the home page sucks royally. I've played chess for a while and enjoy playing it for fun. I'm pretty much always willing to play a game, time permitting.

Here's another Pitch for HOPSFA. Almost every Saturday we play a friendly game of Tackle Football on Garland Field at about 1 pm. It never starts that early since only 4 people are ever there are on time, but feel free to come by.

Friends with Home Pages:

  • Brad Baker
  • Marcus D'Amelio
  • Hung Havan
  • Nathaniel C. Kwok
  • Marc Sulinski
  • Ben Paul
  • Alex Johnson
  • Pamela Hung
  • Allan Simpao
  • Trin Jitchuen
  • Eric Cronin

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