Rifts is a Palladium game based on a futuristic Earth. The world is recovering from the apocalypse brought forth by the coming of the Rifts. Ley lines, which ocne lay dormant, now criss cross the earth with their brilliant glow marking the rise in magic on the earth again. With this rise of magic many creatures and demons have returned to the earth. Some are travelers exploring new frontiers, others are demons bent on sucking all the magic they can out of people and the earth, and yet others are hapless victims who happened to fall into a Rift and end up on Earth. Much has changed for humanity. Can they rise up from the ashes, or will the Rifts mark the end of humans?

In this game players take the role a character from a variety of classes or races. Characters are divided up into 3 generic categories: OCC(Occupational Character Classes) such as Coalition Grunt, Juicers, Crazies, GlitterBoys, and Operators; RCC(Racial Character Classes) Such as Psi-Stalkers, Mind Melters, Dragons, and Bursters; and Practitioners of Magic such as Techno-Wizards, Mystics, Shifters, and Ley Line Walkers. There are a variety of other classes out there in the various supplements that Palladium has produced.

Here are some links I've found concenring Rifts:

  • Avatar Industries. Has a an unofficial rulebook with new stuff for Rifts!
  • The Anonymous FTP site at Berkeley which has tons of info for Rifts & other Palladium games.
  • The Netbooks of Rifts is a Web Page maintained by Morpheus with critters, equipment, and almost all the new O.C.C.s & R.C.Cs made by the gamers themselves! Check it out!
  • The Thunderstrike Web Page contains some info for Rifts, including adventures.
  • The Knightline Rifts Page. A totally new page with a lot of campaign material especially concerning the Alaska area.
  • Surge's gaming files which include a couple of adventures for Rifts.
  • Shaggy's Rifts Info includes various info on O.C.C.s.
  • Eric's Other Worlds Rifts section. It includes new O.C.C.s, spells, equipment, and more.
  • RIFTS page with a few interesting creations.

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