It's the dawn of the Sixth Age of Man. Magic has once again returned to the world and is slowly increasing in strength. Mythical creatures, including dragons, have returned. Humans give birth to dwarves and elves, and yet other humans transform into orcs and trolls. It's the middle of the 21st century and technology is now in competition with magic. Cyberware(mechanical parts incorporated into the flesh) is commonplace, and the streets are dangerous. The corporations practically run the world. They have jobs they want done, jobs that they don't want traced back to them, and they're willing to pay big bucks to get it done. That's usually when Mr. Johnson gives you a call.

Shadowrun is a fantasy/dark future RPG created by FASA. The PC's are usually working outside the law, and most times are wanted fugitives. Character creation is a bit different, because you have the choice of either choosing a designed archetype, or designing your own archetype. However you can usual break down characters into 5 generic categories: mages, adepts, deckers, riggers, and street samurai.